CNA (Joliet)


Provide positive memorable experiences for each resident every day, by following through on the positions requirements, and through a person-centered wellness focus. Provide individualized assistance with daily living activities, including enrichment activities, in accordance with each resident's assessment and care plan, and as may be instructed by supervisors.


1. Assist residents with daily living activities in accordance with each specific resident's assessment and care plan, including but not limited to:
a. Assisting with bathing as needed.
b. Assisting with dressing/undressing as necessary.
c. Assisting with personal hygiene including shaving as needed.
2. Assist residents in preparing for activities and social programs (i.e., church services, parties, visitors, etc.)
3. Prepare residents for meals, including assisting residents into the dining room.
4. Assist in transporting residents to/from appointments, activity and social programs, while creating an enjoyable and satisfying experience.
5. Accompany residents on trips, acting as a chaperone when assigned.
6. Tidy resident apartments, daily, according to the need of the individual resident..
7. Measure and record temperatures, pulse, and respirations (TPRs), as instructed
8. Answer resident calls promptly and with care and interest in the resident's needs.
9. Check each resident routinely to ensure that his/her personal care needs are being met in accordance with his/her wishes.
10. Report all changes in the resident's condition to the supervisor as soon as practical.
11. Record all entries on flow sheets, notes, charts, etc., in an informative and descriptive manner.


1. Must demonstrate empathy and compassion to connect with all customers.
2. Must be inspired to serve the needs of all customers.
3. Must possess, as a minimum, a GED and certified Nursing Assistant Course (120 hours).
4. Must be a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant in accordance with laws of this state.
5. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language at a level adequate to perform the job duties.
6. Must have patience, tact, a cheerful disposition and enthusiasm, as well as the willingness to handle difficult residents.

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