Registered Nurse - Korean, Cambodian, or Samoan-speaking

TITLE: Registered Nurse -- Korean, Cambodian, or Samoan-speaking

DEPARTMENT: Aging and Adult Services

SUPERVISOR: Supervisor -- Aging and Adult

PURPOSE: To provide culturally competent case management services to elderly persons and adults living with disabilities within the Asian Pacific American community that are holistic, person-centered, and strengths-based with the goal of helping individuals to live a meaningful and independent life in the community. Performs services in compliance with agency policies and with contract and regulatory standards and requirement.


1. Assesses and evaluates client service plans and medical history to determine if levels of care and services are appropriate and effective in meeting clients' needs. Re-authorizes services and amends assessments to reflect changes; and notifies the Home Care agencies of the changes.

2. Performs annual oversight visit to client's residence: to observe and to interview clients to determine service plan effectiveness and efficiency; to observe the performance of the PCA in the client's residence; to monitor required training compliance by PCA providers and AFH/CCF sponsors; and to assist in resolving any problems which may exist between the aide and client or document these problems and provide training.

3. Coordinates on-going training needs of the PCAs, including: assessment of their training needs; providing on-the-job training or referring aide to appropriate training when necessary; notifying the appropriate Home Care agency of recommended training needs.

4. Ensures timely and accurate documentation of the results of an oversight visit and the aide's ability to perform personal care tasks included in the client's service plan.

5. Provides ongoing/regular case staffing and coordination with DDD, AAFS, DCFS, AAA staff to ensure communication and clarify procedures and roles.

6. Participates in staff meetings and consultations to discuss cases, clarify program expectation, etc. Attends meetings with AASA, AAA Network Case Management staff and Home Care agency staff.

7. Other job-related duties as assigned by management.


Master's degree in social work or social/behavioral science;
Bachelor's degree in social science with three (3) years experience in social services.
Bachelor's degree in other major with five (5) years experience in social services ;
AA in social science with seven (7) years experience in direct treatment;
HS diploma with nine (9) years experie

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